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What does a young woman of color have to say about the world? What does she see when she looks at it? What matters to her? And most importantly, who is listening? This is the place where people are listening. This is the place where what’s important to you matters.

Sheunplugged is a blog from the eyes of the millennial woman of color. We talk about every single topic known to man.. only we know these topics uniquely as young women. The goal is to create a space for expression as well a network for uplift and encouragement. To be ‘unplugged’ means to be unscripted, off-book, and unbothered by the thoughts of the outside world. We don’t care about sticking to what society thinks we know about, we are here to explore it all. We are simply speaking our minds and being the rebellious, free-thinking women we were made to be.

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