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6 Quotes From ‘The Hate U Give’ That You Need To Hear Again


6 Quotes From ‘The Hate U Give’ That You Need To Hear Again

6 Quotes From ‘The Hate U Give’ That You Need To Hear Again

The biggest quotes from the new film that may speak to your soul

The Hate U Give is a movie based on the novel written by Angie Thomas. And if you ain’t read it yet, you needed to read it, like, yesterday.

Starr Carter is a teenage girl who lives in two worlds: the majority white prep high school she attends and her life in Garden Heights. Starr witnesses her childhood friend, Khalil, getting shot by police and the devastating but all-too-real story begins there. We ALL know by now what comes next. Police investigation where the victim is on trial, people who fake care about the cause, and a cop who, according to his father, can’t leave the house to get bread (where’s my tiny violin at?)

This movie is powerful and a must see. And trust me, once you see it, these quotes will have you way in your feelings.

“Being Black is an honor…we came from greatness.”

Said by Maverick, who should really win Father of The Century. He encourages his children to not be ashamed of who they are.

“Know your rights. Know your worth.”

Another amazing nugget of advice from Mav. After giving his children “the talk” about how to interact with police, he reminds him of this as well. See why he’s such a great dad?

“If you don’t see my blackness, you don’t see me”

A beautiful line delivery from Starr to her white boyfriend, Chris. She puts a stop to his colorblind speech after he tells her “I don’t see color”. He thinks this is a high compliment and Starr isn’t afraid to remind him that it’s anything but.

” No matter what we say or how loud we shout, they will never hear us.”

This line gave me chills. Since the book, The Hate U Give first hit shelves, there have been even more incidences of police killing unarmed black people. Heck, one even shot him in his own home. So to hear this line and feel the anger, you understand why the protesters, (and, let’s face it, all Black people) are pissed when this happens again. We deserve and have a right to be heard.

“I really just wanna ‘Elevator Solange his ass”

I’m using this line every time I wanna beat someone’s ass!

“Slang makes them cool. Slang makes me hood”

Starr talks about being divided between two worlds: a majority white high school and where she lives in Garden Heights. She talks about the difficulty of having to be two different people, depending on where she is. The way it’s played out onscreen is nothing short of relatable AF. But this quote is everything because it plays out in real life. Everybody wanna be black, until its time to be black.

Have you seen The Hate U Give? What are your favorite quotes from the movie? Hollar at me in the comments below.

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