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Slay Your Travel With TravelEatSlay!

Business Spotlight

Slay Your Travel With TravelEatSlay!

Slay Your Travel With TravelEatSlay!

One stereotype I hate with a passion is that Black people don’t like to travel. Who the heck came up with that one? I LOVE to travel. I love seeing new sites and trying new foods. The flights can be long and crowded, but there’s something about looking out of the window and seeing how small everything looks when you’re high up.

Are you tired of people assuming that you don’t like to travel? Do you want to connect with other like-minded black women who also love to travel? Do you need some new threads to show off your love for traveling?

You, my dear, need to check out TravelEatSlay.

TravelEatSlay is a website that sells apparel for traveling millennials. Need a great shirt for your first photo in front of the Effiel Tower? They’ve got you covered. The brand has a wide selection of shirts and sizes. They’ve got unisex loose fitting shirts up to XXLarge, cotton vest loose fitting shirts up to Large, and fitted t-shirts (available in black and white) up to size XL. They also have cotton vests which go up to a size Large. All of their clothing is made from 100% cotton, which will make it comfortable for you to travel in.

Founded by 30 year old Caroline Sande from London, TravelEatSlay is so much more than clothing. The young business owner says the store came about due to necessity. She wanted to make a fashion statement for young travellers, provide relatable apparel, and also create a creative travel souvenir!

Sands has been in business for a little over two years, and credits her belief of self to the success of her brand.

“[I learned] not to allow any barriers that society has put against women of color succeeding and owning a business side track me. I came to slay!”

TravelEatSlay aims to share travel experiences, explore global food cultures while expressing a fashion statement within a growing community of travelers. Aside from apparel, they also have a section on their site called Travel Stories. You will definitely want to scroll through there if you’re a travel foodie like I am ;). In the future the company hopes to expand to include organizing physical group tours and discount cards so customers can enjoy an array of beauty and lifestyle brands while on the go.

Ready to connect with fabulous travelers like you and get your next selfie outfit while you’re at it? What are you waiting for? Hop on over to TravelEatSlay to slay your next vacay!


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