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3 Must Read Books For All Naturalistas!


3 Must Read Books For All Naturalistas!

3 Must Read Books For All Naturalistas!

The answer to your hair problems is probably in one of these books!

YouTube Videos are great for quick tutorials and reviews, however sometimes we need more than three minutes to understand how to flat twist or what products works best for our curl pattern. A lot of the time, we hear natural hair gurus use vocabulary that we’re not always too sure about like; hair porosity, hair texture versus curl pattern, density, cuticle health, and so on. You can watch a thousand videos but never truly know what they specifically mean to your own personal hair journey. Books can help you not only help you understand the basics of your hair, but every aspect of it in ways videos simply cannot.

These three books are great additions to your naturalista library!

The Curl Revolution

Michelle Breyer with the visual assistance of Karston Tannis, compiles an amazing guide to your curls from the stories and advice from the NaturallyCurly community. Saturated with helpful information, The Curl Revolution is your one-in-all stop for styles, product recommendations, curl facts from patterns, texture, to porosity. This amazing go-to doesn’t only focus on women in the natural hair community, but also men and children who have unique journeys of their own.


Curls, Curls, Curls!

Samantha Harris publishes a guide to all types of curls, coils, and waves. From different styles to what works best with your hair. With over a hundred different styles to throw your curls in, this guide is sure to have you covered for any event or special occasion.


Curls, Waves, and Kinks

For a more concentrated read from Curls, Curls, Curls; Samantha Harris delivers yet another outstanding style guide. This publication is more inclusive of women who have type 2 or 4 hair. Giving you styles for those moments we often feel like we have to straighten our hair for  like weddings, graduations, or job interviews. She provides a step-by-step tutorial for each style in much more detail than say a video on that same style. With this amazing go-to you are sure to maintain a curly mane for special days and still look just as ‘professional’ or ‘elegant’.

This series of books shows that kinks, curls, and coils can and ARE wearable in work and event spaces. That we do not have to blow out our crown to look presentable, that our crown IS presentable!

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