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Being Plus Sized Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Show Skin During Summer


Being Plus Sized Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Show Skin During Summer

Here’s to all the girls with thighs, belly, and a little more of everything. Who say’s I can’t wear a two piece?

“You can wear that if you a size 5” I was told every summer since I developed hips and boobs. As a preteen, I envied the girls every summer in bikinis, collar bones and ribs jutting out of their skin. It’s how I thought life was supposed to be.

I was wrong.

I didn’t start living til I stopped wearing long pants in the summertime. When I quit covering up my body, I uncovered my confidence. And now, I’m claiming it. This is my summer, my body.

My Summer, My Thighs

No longer will I wear long pants in 90-degree heat. Skinny thighs are not the prerequisite to being allowed to stay cool in this heat. You will see my thighs in shorts and you will see my thighs in swimsuits. Worried about “chub rub”? There are plenty of products to help you out with that. Don’t let chub rub stop you from living your best life.

My Summer, My Stretch Marks

Stretch marks? We all have them. Are there products that claim to get rid of stretch marks? Yes. Do they work? Probably not in time for that pool party. Again, don’t sweat it out in more clothing because you are trying to cover up something that literally everyone else has.

My Summer, My Belly

Who came up with the rule that only flat tummies are attractive? There’s even more swimwear for plus size women that isn’t just a large t-shirt or swim dress.

My Summer, My Arms

Listen, we can’t all be blessed with Michelle Obama arms. But what’s so wrong with mine? Tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps. This summer, they are all mine

My Summer, My Boobs

I get it if you really dont like wearing anything low cut or form fitting. However, this summer heat doesn’t discriminate against small or large chests, its coming for us all. Opt for tank tops and for summer opt for cute swimsuits that also give good top control, Like Torrid. Boob sweat? Baby powder can be your friend when it comes to the dreadful boob sweat.

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