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10 Year Old Desiayah Dean Makes Learning Fun With Her Own Science Kits

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10 Year Old Desiayah Dean Makes Learning Fun With Her Own Science Kits

10 Year Old Desiayah Dean Makes Learning Fun With Her Own Science Kits

This young lady turned her passion for science into an opportunity to make science accessible for all children.

Any entrepreneur will tell you that going into business for yourself is tough, the long hours, the hard work, and the consistent push to produce products takes effort. Not to mention finding the perfect balance between life and work can be nearly impossible. Now imagine balancing that same entrepreneurial career as 10 year old girl. Did your jaw drop? Me too. But 10 year old Desiayah Dean is doing just that with her brand Science with Desiayah.

A native of Newport News, VA Desiayah took her passion for science and created educational products and kits her peers can enjoy. She began by making her own version of popular children’s toy slime or silly putty

“I started selling slime at school and everyone loved it. After slime I started making Science Kits.”

The young entrepreneur then expanded to include writing two books, 7 Ways to Making The Perfect Slime  and The Science Behind it— Formulating Success At Any Age, which is available for pre-order and scheduled to be released this fall. | @sciencewithdesiayah

“I love what I do but I will say it is HARD WORK. It takes focus and discipline to juggle, business, school work, sports, family and fun but I love it!!! Anything is possible”

Instagram | @sciencewithdesiayah

Anything is possible for Desiayah indeed as she sets her sights on creating more science kits and raising money to make science accessible to kids all over. She is passionate about raising money for STEM education, and one day providing a subscription service for kids like her who love to bring the fun to learning. 

“Science teaches creativity, problem solving, and it expands our mind to so many possibilities. My desire is to show kids all over the world how fun science can be.”

Pre-order Desiayah’s new book The Science Behind It— Formulating Success At Any Age now. Donate to bring Desiayah’s science kits to libraries, community centers, after school programs and more! 


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