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Bring Your Nails To Life With Nail Social Nail Brand!


Bring Your Nails To Life With Nail Social Nail Brand!

Bring Your Nails To Life With Nail Social Nail Brand!

Say goodbye to your plain old white toes!

A critical part of a girl’s life is getting her nails done. We all know how therapeutic it is to sit back and let your nail tech go to town, or even spending a peaceful night at home painting them yourself. And every girl also knows the right color means everything, but sometimes you can’t find the right shade. After years of going to the nail salon unsatisfied with the dull colors offered, 32 year old Tasia C took matters into her own hands.

“I would never use any polish the salon had. The colors weren’t vibrant, glittery, outside of the box. I would always say ‘I want my own polish’”

And that’s exactly what she did. In 2016 she launched the idea to create her own nail product company called Nail Social Nail brand. She offers around 40 colors with new collections debuting each season. So say goodbye to those plain old white toes!

All polishes from Nail Social Nail Brand are inspired by current themes and attitudes, especially those related to the seasons. Tasia even takes direction from her clientele who often send emails about colors they would like to see. 

“When I started 2 years ago, my whole mission was for [my polish] to be talked about. But I also want to encourage other ladies to find what they love and to go full speed with their goals.”

With a personal mission statement of “You can never have enough indie polish” Tasia hopes to inspire others to not only think of new ideas, but to actually follow through and pursue them. She hasn’t let the fear of an over saturated market stop her from pouring into her brand and continuing to put quality first. 

Nail Social has its eyes on expanding to a line of acrylics and natural nail care products, but for now you can place your orders and stay updated with the brand below!

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