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Find Your Inner “Heal-her” With Herpothecary!

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Find Your Inner “Heal-her” With Herpothecary!

Find Your Inner “Heal-her” With Herpothecary!

Her journey as cancer survivor helped launched healthy soaps made just for you!

Sometimes it takes a major event to make you realize you need to make a change for the better. For 31 year-old Maya Johnson that major event was surviving cancer not once, but twice. Her journey as a survivor, and then becoming a mother, fueled her passion for discovering healthier alternatives for wellness and beauty products.

“If have you ever known a cancer survivor  you’re familiar with the feelings of tenacity and drive to simply…live. Those same feelings are a part of my story. I doubly understand the power we have as consumers when purchasing quality products we use every day.”

In 2015 Maya founded Herpothecary, and officially launched the business this past year. As an online apothecary and soapery, she focuses on providing herbal-cantered self-care and encouraging women to awaken their “healher” within. While studying as a herbalist she’s been able to create soaps, facial serums, yoni steams, bath teas and even products made just for new moms.

“At the micro level, Herpothecary encourages women to take a closer look at what their bath time products include and at the micro level, I want them to observe how that ties into their overall health.”


Herpothecary operates as an online shop, with frequent pop ups at the Spice Suite in NW DC. As the business continues to garner support and new customers, Maya remains humble in knowing there’s room for herself and many black womenpreneurs in the beauty industry. She offers a one of a kind product, customer service and shopping experience that lets you treat and educate yourself at the same time. Therefore, her brand shines apart, while also uplifts those around her. How can you not want to buy??

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