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How To #BeyInspired and Stay Inspired!


How To #BeyInspired and Stay Inspired!

How To #BeyInspired and Stay Inspired!

Bring the energy of #Beychella into your everyday life!

Okay so… we all saw Beyoncé absolutely obliterate the Coachella stage this past weekend. If you’re an E-Board member of the Bey Hive like myself, you would have probably listed it as one of her best performances. The attention to detail, the energy, the flawlessness, the passion, and the undeniable drive to put on one hell of a show was evident.

In everything Beyoncé did that night, and everything she’s always done, discipline and motivation have been key driving factors to her success. Being able to set her own standards, break her own boundaries, and work harder than anyone else has propelled her into legendary status. So how can those tools do the same for you?

Time Management

The famous “you have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé” quote. And while Bey has a whole squad to help carry out her 24 hours, the foundation of her day still starts with a whole lot of self motivation. It starts with her being intentional about her time and executing daily. No your 24 hours may not include preparing to perform for thousands, but it may include getting a head start on your school work, editing your YouTube vlogs, or incorporating a daily workout into your schedule. It may include reaching out to others for your business, building networking opportunities, or applying for that new job!


Set Long Term Goals

Where do you see yourself in a few years? No… seriously? In 5 years where will you be, what do you hope to be doing? Don’t worry if your dream sounds so big that it scares you to even say out loud. That’s okay! Before you let your anxiety build about the future, just sit in those big dreams you have for yourself. (Even if you want to be the next Beyoncé)


Set Short Term Goals

Now that we have your plans for world domination down on paper, what can you do today to make that goal a little more obtainable? Maybe that means being serious about your healthy lifestyle, quitting your current job and starting one that aligns with your passions, analyzing your gifts and thinking about how you can maximise them. Just start with what can be done in 24 hours, then in a few days, and then a week. The greatest journey starts with the first step!


Build Your Team

No one gets anywhere trying to do everything themselves. Sure we all may start out alone, but everyone needs a team. That team could be a support system of family and friends, a business partner, a manager, or any other group of people that believe in your vision and are willing to work just like you! Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Practice, Practice, Practice! 

While Beyoncé is certainly talented, much of her success she owes to practicing. Those 11 hour rehearsals for Coachella certainly showed come performance time! So how are you practicing? Are you spending time everyday on the things you are passionate about? You won’t get better at anything you do not immerse yourself in, and practice is all about immersion. Don’t down yourself if you aren’t happy with your progress today, just keep working because one day it will certainly pay off!

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