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Cling to What’s Good With Lizzie’s All Natural Products

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Cling to What’s Good With Lizzie’s All Natural Products

Cling to What’s Good With Lizzie’s All Natural Products

Winston-Salem native Christen Elisabeth brings us Lizzie’s All Natural Products specializing in toxin free home and body products!

We all know the first step towards good self care is finding the right tools to not only celebrate but appreciate yourself. If you’ve found yourself on a endless search for that perfect product, you thankfully need to look no further. Winston-Salem native Christen Elisabeth brings us Lizzie’s All Natural Products, also known as Products By Lizzie, specializing in toxin free home and body products.

What started off as an idea to create a line of natural laundry detergent, is now a mecca of self-care goodies you’ll be dying to try. Focusing on dry skin conditions such as eczema, Lizzie educates her customers on safer, toxin free alternatives to major beauty brands that can often be irritants. The 25 year old says her own experience with dry skin curated her passion for creating her own product. After discovering that her laundry detergent could be to blame, she decided to do her own research to create a healthier alternative.

“I was making laundry detergent all throughout my college career for my room-mates, friends and family until one day someone was like, man this stuff is awesome, you should start selling it, lol…and I did”

Lizzie also finds inspiration in her father a fellow entrepreneur and her mother a cancer survivor, both of whom have taught her great lessons in perseverance.

“Another reason I started this business is because of my parents, they are both truly inspiring. [My Dad] has been running his business for the past 20+ years. My mother is a cancer survivor that beat cancer by switching not only her diet but her entire lifestyle to going natural.”

Lizzie’s All Natural Products prides itself in creating a space for self-acceptance and care. With the slogan of “Cling to What’s Good,” Lizzie wants to remind her customers to utilize healthier products as opposed to relying on harsh chemicals in popular products.

During her journey as a entrepreneur, Lizzie has learned that being grounded in herself and the mission of her brand is most important. She recalls feeling more pressure as a woman of color, often trying to ensure the quality and presentation of her brand, however her experiences have been ultimately rewarding and life changing.

Lizzie’s All Natural Products is based in North Carolina, with an online store available for domestic orders. Lizzie’s plan is to one day see her products on the shelves of healthy grocery stores, continuing to focus especially on customers suffering from eczema.

“We want to target eczema specifically and inform people about how the use of these toxic products negatively affects those individuals and that our products are designed with eczema in mind.”

Lizzie offers laundry detergent, clay mud masks, bath bombs, whipped body butter, hand sanitizer, lotion bars and more. In other words, everything you need to kick your self care journey off the right way! Stay updated on all of Lizzie’s products below!



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