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Josh Kai debuts with “The Awkward Boy”

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Josh Kai debuts with “The Awkward Boy”

Josh Kai debuts with “The Awkward Boy”

New comer Josh Kai breaks boundaries with his debut EP “The Awkward Boy”

With a voice both soothing and almost chilling, artist Josh Kai debuts his project “The Awkward Boy” with a brave take on alternative R&B. Just when you expect his sound to fall into familiarity, you are shocked by a new soundscape element which only intrigues your ears even more. In a world often obsessed with boxing R&B artists into one dynamic, Kai is free enough in his sound to challenge what is both comfortable and what is possible within the genre.

‘There’s so much that needs to be said, but nobody is saying it.”

The lead track from his EP is Monsters, which gives a haunting aura with the repeated refrain “Keep the monsters away.” Finding inspiration in artists such as Frank Ocean and N.E.R.D., Josh Kai isn’t afraid to spill his emotions while reigning over a smorgasbord of rhythms. Producing along side newcomer Likkle Jay, the young artist says he’s not just a songwriter but an experience.

Hailing from South London Josh Kai originally found passion in dance, which opened the door to him blossoming into a bit of a new century virtuoso.

‘The more I danced the more I became obsessed with the music I was dancing to. The songs I danced to projected a feeling and emotion that directly influenced how you moved. I wanted to create that feeling, I wanted to evoke that emotion”

It’s clear that marriage between body and voice helped birth the constant ebb and flow that exists in his sound. The sky is not the limit for Josh Kai, rather the solar system. Now’s the perfect time to get hip, press play and take a trip.



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