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New Artist ARZLEE Will Have You “Looking Up” With Debut Single

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New Artist ARZLEE Will Have You “Looking Up” With Debut Single

New Artist ARZLEE Will Have You “Looking Up” With Debut Single

A new artist with a message you’ll definitely relate to!

How many of us know the feeling of working day in and day out, while struggling to be your own cheerleader? It’s a daily obstacle and just when you’re ready to give up, things just start falling in place. New artist ARZLEE hailing from North Carolina captures that roller-coaster life cycle in his debut single “Looking Up.”

“I’ve been trying and getting tried, my patience running thin my money running dry, my head is in a million places my feet are on the grind, but I know when it’s over I’m gonna get what is mine”

Reminiscent of classic smooth R&B, ARZLEE’s voice sits perfectly on atmospheric, mellow vibes. While the message hits home for many of us, the overall feel of the song will capture you just as strongly. Inspired by greats Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé, Anita Baker and Frank Ocean, ARZLEE seamlessly creates the perfect bridge between alternative and old school soul.

The young artist reveals his passion for music has been budding since his childhood, however a local musical audition help push him towards his artistry

“I auditioned for The Wiz at Cape Fear Valley Theatre with “A Change is Gonna Come”. They didn’t like that and asked me to sing another song so I sang an original called “The Thinker.” They loved it so much that they made me sing it twice and they told me I had a gift. I never thought an original of mine was good enough to garner such a response until that moment.”

Well, is clear to say ARZLEE is entering the game with a strong start. And as his song says, things are certainly looking up for the new singer. “Looking Up” is available on all major streaming platforms.

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