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From Hollywood to Russia, The Future For Millennials Around the World Seems Bleak


From Hollywood to Russia, The Future For Millennials Around the World Seems Bleak

From Hollywood to Russia, The Future For Millennials Around the World Seems Bleak

A recap of all the madness that’s happening in the world, and what it means for millennials

The fate of our world is bleak. Our president has been accused of sexual harassment. Hollywood is in disarray. And the most powerful and elite among us have been moving money into offshore tax havens, leaving the rest of us to shoulder the financial burden of their greed.

To make matters worse, Russia has been accused of spreading alt-right propaganda in the USA over the internet. Great Britain is nearing its Brexit departure from the EU. And China has been accused of buying its way into power in Africa, exploiting the continent’s need for development.

On the plus side, we have memes, social media and Netflix to distract us from social and economic woes.

But the bad news is too terrible, and even our distractions are being tainted by our woes. After actor Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of making a sexual advance toward him, Netflix announced that production of the final season of House of Cards would be halted. Even the bright lights and multi-coloured children’s programmes, such as The Loud House, iCarly and Victorious have been tainted by the accusation of sexual harassment.

We haven’t seen such social, political, financial and economic instability, globally, ever since the war decades of the twentieth century. The truth is we are scared. Our institutions have failed us. Our distractions too. For millennials and Generation Z, we begin our adult lives under the menace of global social and financial instability.

China is becoming Africa’s newest neo-colonial power. History’s losers, the political right, are attempting to re-write history. They seem to be winning. The forecast for a post-Brexit Great Britain is bleak and filled with the possibility of financial devastation, especially for younger generations. And economic disparity widens from the elite 10% to the elite 1%.

History repeats itself. It will get much worse before it gets better. But how far can we predict the next two decades? And should it get better, the question remains, for whom? For if the extreme political right wins current this ideological war, so many of us will suffer.  The future of millennials seems bleak.

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