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What Your Dating Profile Says About You


What Your Dating Profile Says About You

What Your Dating Profile Says About You

Your Tinder might need some fine tuning after reading this…

So you decided to take the leap. After mulling it over and agonizing time and time again, you’ve decided to try online dating.

It could be intimidating. I mean, there’s a million sites, which one do you choose? What do you say about yourself? So many questions!

Have no fear! This is where I come in.I would consider myself an online dating expert. I can tell you what online profiles will get the most hits, whether the potential bae is looking for something long term, or if he or she is just looking to hit and quit. I can tell you what makes a successful match, and what are the warning signs that it’s gonna crash and burn. Allow me to school you on the online dating profile dos and don’ts.

Whether it’s Tinder, Bumble, or OkCupid, all dating sites are fairly similar. Different interfaces, same idea: match people with potential mates. First thing: it’s very important to have solo photos. No one has time to guess which one is you. Especially if it’s not your most flattering photo. Get your selfie game together for optimum likes. Secondly: don’t put pictures up where you’re not smiling. Again, as a potential mate, I’m going to assume your teeth are a hot mess. You also don’t look approachable; would you frown at a job interview? Nope, you wouldn’t.

Full body photos: muy importante. Weight fluctuates, all of us ebb and flow when it comes to eating right and exercising regularly. Don’t be deceiving though, current full body photos are appreciated. This way, there are no surprises when you two actually meet.

If you’re on Tinder, a catchy tag line is key. When I see an empty tag space, it says two things to me:

1. You don’t care that much about online dating. You’re either on because you’re bored, or looking to get some. That’s it.
2. You’re not clever or creative enough to craft something that makes you stand out. That automatically makes your profile less appealing.

It’s similar with Bumble. Bumble gives room for you to put your occupation and college, all helpful background information. But the tag line is still imperative. I don’t care that you went to that college, what’s your soul like?

Now I haven’t been on Tinder in ages. But my last tag line was “If you don’t listen to Luther Vandross, we can’t go together.” Know what that says? I’m a hopeless romantic, I’m looking for something substantial, and I may or may not have a decent sense of humor. A sentence can mean the difference between swiping left and swiping right.

Now, with OkCupid, it’s way more extensive. A LOT of questions on the last books you’ve read, what music you like, your passions. You really have to sit down and answer a lot of questions. The best profiles are very detailed and spell out exactly what the person wants. There is even a section where you can put that you want something long term, short term dating, or casual sex. All the options!

If you’re going to try online dating, it’s important to be open and honest about what exactly you’re looking for. It’s fine if you just want to test the waters out; but be truthful. We don’t have time to waste. Also, don’t go off the opinions of other people. Online dating has had varied results, and everyone has had different experiences. Modern dating is a lot more digital than we would like to admit, and you never know where you’ll meet your soulmate. So put your best foot forward, take all the selfies, don’t be scared to try something unfamiliar to you. If nothing else, you’ll have some interesting dating stories.

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