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Recreating Your Mojo: Get Yourself Motivated Again!


Recreating Your Mojo: Get Yourself Motivated Again!

Guest blog by Alexis from Female4Thought

Sometimes it’s hard to get the ball rolling again. You have so many things on your plate and you really just don’t know how to get back on track with your life. Your back might feel like it’s up against the wall right now, but rest assure life will take a turn in the right direction soon.

So many times we get wrapped up in the present and we easily enter a state of sadness or depression because things just haven’t been going our way. But just when you think one door is being slammed in your face, another door will be swinging wide open for you. Blessings will come to those who stay down for the come up sweetie. Time is not against us, it’s actually for us! Because time allows:

 growth to arise

 pathways to form

 knowledge to be gained

 connections to be made

 Your hopes and dreams won’t just fall into your lap or come overnight. You have to work for so many things in life and if you’re passionate enough and keep striving for a specific goal/goals then, not now but VERY SOON, they will start to pop up out of no where and have you so amazed by all the things you have accomplished.

 But before all of that happens you must remain true to yourself and realize that the struggle builds character and perseverance.  All good things come with time and baby girl you’re being crafted into the person it takes to run the successful future you have in store for yourself.

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