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Meet Chicago Music Group ‘YOURFRENDS’

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Meet Chicago Music Group ‘YOURFRENDS’

Meet the soulful, R&B group from Chicago

Nowadays trends in R&B are slowly but surely drifting back to its roots. I’m talking driving bass lines, ambient electric keyboards, and of course soul-shattering lyrics that make you listen twice. Everyday new artists emerge serving healthy doses of that old school rhythm and blues, and new group “YOURFRENDS” is ready to throw their hat in that game.

Hailing from the windy city of Chicago, the trio YOURFRENDS is comprised of singer-rapper Unique, singer Franchika, and rapper-producer Tyler. Together they pour their soul into authentic multi genre tunes, with a dope co-ed vibe that is o-so reminiscent of the 90’s. On the heels of releasing their first project Just Mondays, we sat down with the dynamic three to learn more about their sound and their plans for the future

How did the group come together?

We actually came together at Chance The Rapper’s Open Mike, which was an open mic dedicated to brother Mike in his passing to keep the legacy and his spirit going. We would all go as individuals and pretty quickly we saw each other’s individual performances. Obviously we were all super raw, so Franchika and Tyler teamed up for this competition Chance had one day and made a song and Unique performed one of her amazing solo pieces.

After that Franchika and Tyler performed at TIP Fest a few weeks after and Unique was with us, at TIP fest we talked to Chance about our other name before our current one… To put it nicely he said it wasn’t good enough and said we should change it hahaha. YOURFRENDS was an idea we wanted the whole open mike to be a part of actually, but we noticed pretty quickly that people just wanted to be a part of it for the wrong reasons, and not for the love. So after a while, it just became us 3.

How would you describe your sound?

Man, that’s such a good question! It’s funny because we actually have this category we place ourselves in called the “No Genre Mambas” because we bring so many different musical influences that we all individually enjoy together when we get in the studio. So sometimes it ends up being some super hype punk rock type stuff, or sometimes it’s a timeless R&B song. Trust us, we’ve tried placing ourselves into a genre and it just ends up going in circles…


You mentioned Chance The Rapper’s advice heavily influenced your group, what other artists are musical influences for you?

Some of our other musical influences definitely include Odd Future and that whole camp, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar and TDE, Kid Cudi, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, we can go on and on with these for days!

What’s the hardest part about working together to make music?

We think the hardest part about coming together to make music would be understanding that we come from 3 completely different lifestyles and cultures, then moving forward from there to create some beautiful records. Communicating is definitely another struggle that we deal with in the studio as well, but when we get in the zone, there is no stopping us!


If you could go on tour with any artists, who would they be?

Touring with Travis Scott would be such an amazing experience because of the energy he draws. Kendrick Lamar as well, Beyonce is another huge one, definitely would love to tour with our big bro, Chance too.


Tell us a little more about Just Mondays and what can fans expect from it?

So Just Mondays is our debut project that we dedicated to [Chance’s] Open Mike. It definitely doesn’t have one style of music on it, again we pulled from so many different genres to create this. And it talks about topics that hit really close to home for all of us and we believe will hit really close to home for the entire youth as well. We can’t wait for you to hear it!

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