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To Be Honest…. I Could Be A Better Friend


To Be Honest…. I Could Be A Better Friend

After much thought I realized…. I could be a much better friend

Guest Blog by Naturalle Drea

I had another post scheduled for today but this was on my heart to write about. I was kinda inspired over the past couple of months with this and also after seeing Girl’s Trip (which was really amazing by the way, go see it). Next to my relationship with my family, I cherish my friendships. Those are the people who know you best, won’t steer you wrong, there to listen to you, give advice when you ask for it or not, the people who you can call up and have a great time with no matter what you are doing and those who push you to do and be better. In return you do the same for them.

I’ve have some friendships come to an end in the past and have out grown some friends but I’ve been wondering how I can be a better friend or how we all can be better friends. I’ll admit to not keep in touch with everyone all the time but it is good to check in on some of your friends, you never know what they may be going through.

I am one to put on that facade and act like everything is peachy when I’m really not okay. I am one to hold things and not want to say anything but it is not good to do that. Your friends are there to help you. There were some friends that I did not know were going through certain stuff and I want to do a better job at reaching out more often, getting together more often and actually taking action on those plans instead of just talking about them.

I have been really inspired by a lot of things lately and just want to do better in all areas of my life. I plan on getting out there more and networking with other influencers and bloggers, making those connections and relationships. I love the connections I have with other bloggers from previous events I have attended. I want to keep this positive vibe I have going and just keep making improvements. It is always good to make improvements, you only get better.

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