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New Addition to Your Playlist? Mayah’s Jam by Maya Huyana

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New Addition to Your Playlist? Mayah’s Jam by Maya Huyana

Looking for some new tunes? We got you covered!

There’s nothing like scrolling through SoundCloud and finding indie artists that make your music collection complete. Whether it’s the tone of their voice, the thump of the bass, the groove of the drums, or the seduction of the piano, you fall head over heels for talent just waiting to be discovered. We indeed found another hot track that will have your head nodding, soul rocking, and fingers popping along to the beat. Introducing “Mayah’s Jam” by Maya Huyana.

With an artistry based in California, Maya Huyana has been releasing music via SoundCloud since 2016, dropping a total of four projects in that time! Her single “Mayah’s Jam” precedes the release of her newest EP “Rebirth” which will be available in September. With cool hip hop vibes, the voice of a siren, and a feel that takes you back to 90s R&B, we predict she’s an artist worth keeping an eye on. Listen to her new single now and follow Maya to stay updated!

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