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Rep Your Natural Hair with ‘Sensationally Nappy’

Business Spotlight

Rep Your Natural Hair with ‘Sensationally Nappy’

A T shirt brand with your curls in mind!

Since the natural hair revolution began, women of color all over the globe have become more confident in their kinky curls. What used to be our shame has blossomed into our greatest triumph, allowing us to finally shine as our authentic selves. From the girl who just big chopped to the natural hair veteran, each of us continues to create new ways to express our love for ‘ going natural.’

Iowa native Lori Scott has taken this charge to new heights, creating a t-shirt brand made just for fearless curly girls ready to rule the world. Titled Sensationally Nappy, Lori’s edgy designs are tailored just for natural hair lovers of every color and texture.

Inspired by her own journey with natural hair, Lori noticed the lack of representation in graphic tees in her hometown and took action. She launched Sensationally Nappy in February 2016, hoping to reinforce the idea that “it’s not just hair… it’s a movement.” What started as just an idea now allows kinky haired women to express themselves in a fun and creative way.

“Once I  decided to do The Big Chop it was like a  whole new world opened up for me.  I truly embraced my hair and fell in love with it. Each and every t shirt on this site is connected to what I feel about the natural hair.”

Sensationally Nappy designs include “Note to Self: Stay Natural,” “The Shrinkage is Real,” and our personal fav “Black Hair Rule: Don’t Touch My Hair!” With a shirt for every natural girl, Lori hopes to create a future household name for herself and her brand. In the meantime, head on over and buy your very own shirt and let your curls fly carefree!

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Twitter: @SensatnlyNappy
Facebook: @sensationallynappy

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