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Get to Know Up Coming Brand ‘Rose & Raja’

Business Spotlight

Get to Know Up Coming Brand ‘Rose & Raja’

Get to Know Up Coming Brand ‘Rose & Raja’

Why you need to get hip on up and coming brand Rose & Raja

What does every bold woman of color need? A wardrobe that is just as bold as she is. Nothing says you’re in charge, uncensored, and unapologetic like the clothes you wear on your body. Whether it’s a cute blouse, a necklace, or the high heels on your feet, we’re always looking for that statement piece to add to our closet.

Well, that search just got a little easier thanks to rising clothing brand Rose & Raja.

Created by 19 year old Ashley Tioni, Rose and Raja provides streetwear for men and women currently specializing in graphic t shirts and crop tops. The brand targets fearlessly ambitious millennials, who aren’t afraid to take on this ‘dog eat dog’ world we live in. With designs featuring phrases such as “I Prey On The Weak,” it’s clear this is a line made for the guy or gal who’s about their sh*t.

“The clothes created by Rose and Raja are not fit to follow trends and the biggest social influencers around, instead we aim to be the trendsetters and influence others to simply be themselves.”

What started as a ‘passion project’ has grown into a full business, which Tioni started after her freshman year of college. For her, entrepreneurship was something she had to explore in real life and not in the classroom.

“I pushed myself to step outside of my comfort zone, research and create! I decided that I did not want to be a typical college student who graduates college with a few internships, gets a 9-5 job and considers graduate school after earning my bachelors degree. I have always wanted to build my own brand and business, plus I enjoy doing it.”

While exploring the trials and triumphs of running your own business, Tioni reveals that it is often tough as a woman of color in predominantly white spaces. The fashion industry is still pushing towards equal inclusion, therefore she works to meticulously polish herself and her brand. In other words…. she is bringing her own chair to make sure she has a seat at the table.

Tailored for “Sweet Savages, the Wild Tings and Girl/Guy Bosses” Rose and Raja was created to help others express themselves and confidently embrace the skin they are in. With plans for expansion, the brand will continue to lay roots with young people ready to shake the table.

So here’s your official excuse to treat yourself and dive into your inner ‘savage’ by indulging in some Rose & Raja merch *eye emoji*

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