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All You Need to Know About Record Store Day


All You Need to Know About Record Store Day

Record Store Day celebrates 10 years!

Imagine a day where record stores across the country team up with artists, major and independent labels, and thousands of fans, to pay homage to the Mom and Pop music stores which started it all. Sounds like Christmas for music lovers doesn’t it? Well it is.

If you’ve been trapped underneath your millennial rock, you may not be familiar with the famous date known as “Record Store Day” which celebrates music and music stores pre digital music revolution. We’re not talking MP3, MP4, Youtube, Tidal, Apple Music, none of that. We’re talking getting off your couch and thumbing through dozens of vinyls to find “that one.”

Founded in Maine by Chris Brown of Bull Moose Music, Record Store Day began in 2007  and has now grown to boast over 1,000 participating record stores across the country. Celebrating 10 years this Saturday, the annual event has seen it’s share of ambassadors starting with Jesse “Boots Electric” Hughes and including Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, Jack White, Chuck D, and more.

So what can you expect on Record Store Day? Participating record stores offer special vinyl and CD releases, body painting, cookouts (did someone say food?), parades, surprise visits from artists, performances… pretty much a big party you don’t want to miss! This year, titles from late greats David Bowie and Prince will be released, as well as records from The Notorious B.I.G., Jay Dilla, Johnny Cash, and many more.

Cities across the world have declared Record Store Day a national holiday, which has continued to strengthen it’s meaning to the music industry and music lovers. While it seems long gone are the days of buying tangible records, RSD reminds us all about the power and tradition in venturing to your local record store and digging for buried treasure. The organization furthermore works throughout the year to bring awareness to these musical gems, teaming up with record labels to continue to support independently owned record stores.

So, don’t miss Record Store Day! Its a time for fans, artists, store owners, and staff young and old to come together in the name of good music. You just can’t beat that. Search here to find a record store near you, so you can partake in one of the biggest days in music!

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