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Build Your Spring Wardrobe


Build Your Spring Wardrobe

Slay Your Spring by adding these items to your wardrobe!

It is official: spring is upon us. It is the time to ditch those sweaters, gloves and boots and replace them for lighter, softer wear. It is the time to get out the razors once more, and begin taking extra care of body parts that may have been well hidden during the dark winter months. It is the time to begin building your spring wardrobe with this list of spring favourites.:

The Strappy Dress

The strappy dress is a simple staple of clothing you wear when you want to look hot, but don’t have the energy to work at it. This dress hugs your curves but, at the same time, is so simple you can glam it up with your choice of shoes and accessories. If you like to go bold like me, then the red one is for you. If you prefer the simpler things in life, then go for the black strappy dress.

Missguided Red Strappy Dress, $51.00

Missguided Black Strappy Dress, $36.00


Open-Toed Sandals

Now your feet can breathe again, socks free! But more importantly, now you can show off your painted toe nails again. I recommend red nail polish, to allow your inner hoe to shine!

ASOS Black Sandals, $30.00


The Crop Top

The crop top allows you to channel your inner 90s girl, whilst still looking fly! Plus, it keeps you cool as temperatures rise. It comes in different shapes, colours, styles, fit and print and can be worn in many, many versatile ways. Even better, you can get co-ords with matching pants or skirts, taking your outfit to an even greater level of fly-ness.

New Look Crop Top, $24.99


Yes, pants!

Pants are back, and they are looking good! They are perfect for mild spring days when your legs need warmth, but your outfit still needs to be hot. What’s more, they automatically class up whatever you’re wearing, and whoever is wearing it.

River Island Floral Pants, $80.00


The Sun Hat

Don’t let the sun sneak up on you. Be prepared with your trusty sun hat. Whether on holiday, at the beach, or even on those ever-so-sunny days, your sun hat keeps you protected, whilst looking like the most glamorous 50s actress to ever don a sun hat, ever!

Boden Sun Hat, $50.00

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