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20 Ab Exercises that Aren’t a Plank


20 Ab Exercises that Aren’t a Plank

How to get those abs without doing those irritating planks

Having a strong set of abs is not just aesthetically pleasing but they can also be good for your posture. In addition, strengthening your abs can prevent injuries and even lower back pain. Working your mid section is not just about having that flashy six pack, it’s about building a core that can support you. But that doesn’t mean you have to go and do a bunch of planks…..

While planks are very effective, they can also be your least favorite workout to do. So if you’re tired of the same ol’ planks and crunches add some variety to your ab routine using these 20 Ab Exercises (That aren’t a plain plank).

    1. Scissor Crunch

    2. Bicycle Crunches

    3. Side Crunches

    4. Knee Hug Crunches

    5. Running Man Crunches

    6. Plank Kick Outs

    7. Russian twists

    8. Jacknife Crunches

    9.  Wood Chops

    10. Alternating Jacknife Crunches


Evelyn D

Evelyn is a San Francisco native and personal trainer. She prides herself in being unapologetically honest about various topics including but not limited to fitness, books, and current affairs. When she's not "sprinkling sincerity" on her blog Flourish-ious, she's reading a book, cooking up something in the kitchen, trying some new workout format or probably eating sushi.



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