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Two sisters bringing us back those girl group vibes we’ve been missing


It seems like the great days of sister duos are back again! Born in Nigeria and raised in Fontana, California at ages 8 and 9, singing sisters Ivana Nwokike and Jessica Nwokike are bringing 90s R&B and trap soul to your “mainstream” with style and finesse. But these two go by one name, and that’s VanJess


The two sisters have been active with music since 2008 but gained the attention of millions when they started to revamp and cover notable songs such as Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. With many other covers, such as “Work” by Rihanna and even J.Cole’s “WorkOut”, VanJess recreated the 90’s girl group feel we all know and love. A twist of TLC, Monica, and Destiny’s Child, the sisters balance each other out with soulful vocals and melodic rap verses that give away to their eclectic nature.

Though their covers have given them notoriety, they also began to release many of their own material. Singles such as DrumRoll (2012) and It’s Coming Up (2014) started to raise anxiety amongst the singers’ fans as there were hints to a release date for a studio project. Finally, in 2015, they released their EP 00 till Escape which garnered much praise as it reached the top of the charts on iTunes and received much attention worldwide.


In 2016, VanJess dropped Adore, a single that gave people a new perspective on their style and ability. The song is a subtly seductive yet youthful piece of work that gives good vibes and good rhymes at the same time. Following Adore, VanJess released, Favor,  Don’t Be a Stranger, and Touch the Floor, engaging the momentum of the musical flow they’ve conjured up. All this conjuring has led to the arousal of rumors that maybe something new is around the corner? Well, these questions are rightfully due being that this year, the sisters plan to release a full length project!.

Keep your ears on the lookout and  stay hip to their next moves. I think everyone from Southern California, all the way to Nigeria, is definitely looking out for more, so should you!

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Twitter: @vanjessmusic

Instagram: @vanjessmusic

Facebook: Van Jess

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