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Laura Welsh

Laura Welsh

Get to know Laura Welsh, a versatile singer/songwriter coming from Staffordshire, England


England has been known as a hotspot for undiscovered raw and hidden talent. Sometimes the talent is brought out to the world, but the proper light just isn’t shined bright enough on it. Well, we’re here to bring you the light by introducing Laura Welsh, a versatile singer/songwriter coming from Staffordshire, England.


Ms. Welsh isn’t brand new to the game, she started out as a lead vocalist for the group Laura & the Tears in the late 2000s. However, as years progressed and the group dissolved itself, Welsh moved to London to pursue a career as a solo artist. There she recorded with other London based artists and released singles in 2013. Songs such as Undiscovered and Cold Front (which evolved into an EP filled with a miscellaneous of remixes) started to reveal the nature of her true talent. It became apparent that no single genre could characterize this singer’s nature as her music resonated and continues to resonate between alternative R&B, Dub-Pop, and a smooth mixture of heartfelt ballads coincided with the subtle bass drops of 808’s and heartbeats. (Picture Adele and Lorde on song ballad with Solange and Monica)

From 2013, Welsh’s music progressed to her EP “Laura Welsh” in 2014, a series of music that would be the start of her newly founded and resplendent career as a solo artist. In 2014, she would release her album Soft Control, that would now place her in the ranks of prominent indie pop artists. Her music played as a background track to many lives that were black and white, yet are colorful enough to be used as a story. Henceforth, this similar perspective led to her single “Undiscovered” being used on the soundtrack for movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

With this momentum, she began to work on her 2016 EP See Red, a set of artwork just as great as her recent works. A combination of techno pop and hip hop with dissonant and raw vocals, the lyrics tell the tale of hurt and journey that eventually lead to self-discovery. Overall, her latest EP is a piece of work perfect for your Spotify stream. With her music being eclectic and able to mold with the progression of time and music, Laura Welsh’s career has yet to reach the zenith of its ability and is foreshadowing a bright future ahead of itself.


Currently, her most recent work is that of the EP See Red, released in 2016. Laura Welsh is continuously conjuring new material, but for now, take a listen to her timeless pieces dating back to 2013 leading to now. Check it out! Don’t say I ain’t said nothing!

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