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Four Writers of Color I’m Loving Right Now


Four Writers of Color I’m Loving Right Now

Four Writers of Color I’m Loving Right Now

These women have something to say and you should know about it.

No matter what people say about our tech crazy generation, they must admit the art of writing is still alive and well with us. More and more millennials are sparking necessary conversations across the world, writing compelling articles from a very important point of view. We talk about it all from self love, politics, societal boundaries, life lessons, and everything else in between.

Women of color are more so breaking boundaries with their pen (or keyboard), unapologetically sharing wisdom on many platforms. Of course we gathered a few writers worth your pursuing eye, so make sure you add these four young writers of color to your list!

Keah Brown

Keah is the senior entertainment writer for Cliche Magazine and is the creator of the hashtag #DisabledandCute. Her bylines range from Teen Vogue to EspnW to Lenny Letter. She writes a lot about disability and isn’t here for your ableist BS. Until I found Keah’s work, I’d never known any other black writers with disabilities and in my opinion, there’s something magical in finding others who look like you AND deal with what you do. Find her and her work @keah_maria

Selected work:


Rachel Charlene Lewis

Rachel is the current social media editor for HerCampus, a platform catered to college women across the globe. When I started reading Rachel’s work, I felt a sense of relief. I often feel like I’m the only one who goes through certain things–being a queer writer of color–but Rachel is one of those writers that reminds me to connect to the outside world. Find her and her work @RachelCharleneL

Selected work:


Rebecca Esther Carvalho

Writer and Marketing Coordinator, Rebecca isn’t just a great writer, but also has pretty good taste in brunch. She is one of my favorites because she helped me become better at this thing we call writing. Her style is honest and raw, something I always hope to convey every time I sit in front of the keyboard. Her writing ranges from Stereotypes about Latina women and their sexuality, to lessons to learn from The Golden Girls. Find her and her work @RebeccaEstherC

Selected work:


Esme Weijun Wang

Esme is the author of “The Border of Paradise” and of the upcoming “The Collected Schizophrenias: Essays”. I identify with Esme from managing both my career with that of  limitations caused by my physical/mental disabilities. Diagnosed with late stage lyme disease, Esme teaches an e-course “Kicking ass with Limitations”, balancing the boundaries of whatever causes your limitations and still doing something you love. Find her and her work @esmewang

Selected work:

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