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Disney Princesses as Women’s Rights Protestors


Disney Princesses as Women’s Rights Protestors

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What would it look like if Disney Princesses were… protestors? Some of us may have had this whimsical idea, watching Disney film after Disney film and seeing our favorite princesses defy all odds in the name of feminism. Well, artist Amanda Allen Niday has brought this fantasy to life.

The 27-year old Oregan native created these images after being inspired by the recent Women’s March held in Washington, D.C. She told Teen Vogue:

“I felt inspired by the way women expressed themselves on their signs, from the witty and charming to the downright scathing. Women coming together from all backgrounds to say “we are HERE and we MATTER’”

Her art depicts princesses such as Snow White, Cinderella,  and Tiana, holding protest signs that actually feature references from each film! Take a look through the slideshow and find your favorite one! Buy prints of Amanda’s work here on Society6

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