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Tom Tripp

A new artist you must add to your playlist….. like today…..


Alas, the boroughs of London bring about another artist that just keeps you wondering, “So, are they dropping anything else?” Well, that’s the case with North London-based artist Tom Tripp.


With only a couple demos on the scene, the 21-year-old artist already has the potential of taking rise to the underground scene. Signed to XL Recordings, Tripp is quickly being compared to fellow London – based artists such as Jai Paul and Ben Khan. With his 2017 debut of his song Aurelia, Tripp is causing heads to turn and eyebrows to raise as this seemingly simplistic but resplendent production arouses the mind to for one…listen to the voice.

To better explain the enigmatic nature of his music that emanates the nurturing yet imaginative sound, you would have to peep his top pinned twitter message that also hints to the possible and near future, “All I want to do is make dope music and hide. I’m going to do just that. No need to talk.” At least we know the man is for the culture. Take a listen, and agree with me.


Honestly stating what’s new would be about as easy as predicting when the next season of “Top Boy” is going to premiere (Top Boy being an English show since we’re talking about London). Anyways, all I can say is take heed of the latest twitter post and keep waiting for more to come, because believe me, this is not the last we’ve heard of Tom Tripp and his memorable hook.

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Twitter: @tom__tripp

Instagram: @tomtripp

Facebook: Tom Tripp 

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