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What To Do Alone on Valentine’s Day


What To Do Alone on Valentine’s Day

Just because you’re rolling solo dolo on V Day, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

Single on Valentine’s Day again, sis? No problem. You don’t have to sit around at home and pout because nobody bought you flowers or took you out to dinner, I have some remedies for the V-Day blues! This doesn’t have to be you (see gif)

Have A Girl’s Night

On Valentine’s Day, you feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t have somebody, but YOU’RE NOT! Little do you know that many of your friends might be feeling the same way as you! Talk to your single friends you have and see if they have any plans. If not, suggest you guys all do something! Get a few friends, girls or guys, or a mix of both and get dolled up and go out to dinner with them! You don’t have to celebrate romantic love on valentines day, but platonic love can be celebrated too!


Go Out and Meet Singles!

If you don’t have a bunch of friends to go out on a date with check your local clubs or dance halls! Most clubs know that singles are also trying to have fun and might throw a special anti-Valentine’s Day theme night! You could get dressed up, dance, and maybe meet some fellow singles! Who knows, you might get lucky and meet someone special!


Netflix and Chill

If you’re someone who doesn’t really like going out to clubs, but don’t want to be completely bored on Valentine’s Day try having a movie night! You can have one all by yourself or with some of your other single friends! Just stay away from the chick flicks, try comedy or horror movies to keep your mind off of the lack of partnership in your life!


Go Shopping!

My favorite way of ignoring my non-existing love life is by dabbling in retail therapy! Just think of all the money couples spend on each other around Valentine’s Day and spend a nice chunk of change on yourself! Go get yourself a new pair of shoes or that new eye shadow palette you’ve been eyeballing for 6 months! If you want to still feel like you have a valentine, buy yourself some flowers for once! Self love is the best love and the only one that will never leave you, so treat yourself as you would want someone to treat you.


Just Remember….

Honey, you don’t need a man to be happy! Loving yourself is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself, so please don’t sit at home pouting on Valentine’s Day. Do something you love – paint, read, shop, or dance! Just don’t be sad, February 14th is just another day, so enjoy it like you would any other

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