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10 Awesome Things Black People Created


10 Awesome Things Black People Created

A few of these inventions may just shock you!

Yes, it is still Black History Month and we are still going STRONG! Black people have contributed so many different ideas and inventions to American culture, there would actually be no American culture if it wasn’t for us!

You may be familiar with some of our contributions, but some of these may shock you! Let’s start with a story of how being petty ended up being the creation of something completely awesome! In 1853, George Crum worked as a chef at a resort in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. He had a dissatisfied customer sent his dish of French fries back to the kitchen, claiming that they were too thick, too mushy and not salty enough. He cut the thinnest potato he could, fried it to a crisp, and overly salted it. To his surprise, Crum’s big “suck it” to the customer was the delight of their day and thus the potato chip was born! Thanks George Crum!

Ladies, I know we love movies, but what’s even better than regular movies? Can you say 3-D! There’s nothing quite like reaching your hand out at a graphic you can’t actually touch. 3-D technology took the cinematic experience to the next level. We can all say a big thank you to Marc Hannah who created 3-D graphic technology used in films today!

But wait…. there’s so much more. Let’s take it outside. When I think of summer fun, what comes to your mind? In my mind, I think of sun, shirtless guys, and SUPER SOAKERS! We have a black man to thank for this awesome water gun and his name is Lonnie Johnson! Thanks Lonnie, you made my summer’s forever memorable!

Now, I don’t know about you all, but driving is actually kind of difficult. Not the concept of using the car, but being on the road with other people! Needless to say it’s a lot easier to handle driving on the streets thanks to Garrett Morgan! Morgan created the three signal traffic light in 1923. He was also the first black man to own a car in his city. You go boy!

You love music? I thought so? You love concerts? I figured that too. Do you enjoy being able to hear the performer from the nosebleed seats because you were being cheap? Well say thank you to James E. West because he created the electroacoustic transducer electret microphone! That’s the microphone your fav uses when you see them in concert!

If you have naturally thick hair, you have come into contact with the infamous hot comb. All those burns your mom gave you behind your ear (because you wouldn’t stop moving) can be credited to Walter Sammons. He created the improved version of the heated comb! Although the hot comb could be seriously painful, it’d be a lie to say it didn’t have your edges LAID! So thank you Walter Sammons!

Also, the reason most of us can sleep soundly in our homes every night is due to a black woman! Marie Van Brittan Brown is responsible for creating the predecessor to the modern-day home security system. So every night you go to bed just remember black girls got your back even when you don’t realize it.

You all know the famous George Washington Carver, he is one of the most recognizable names in Black History. My personal favorite invention of his is – peanut butter! Your PB&J sandwiches would have never been a thing without this wonderful peanut creation! Thank you for my favorite childhood meal George Washington Carver.

Ladies, I know how much we love and cherish our hair. Please don’t touch it though, word to Solange! Our hair care products are our babies and one of the first to create such wonderful hair goodness is my good sis, Madam C. J. Walker. Ms. Walker is best known for creating her very own hair growing lotion. Madam C. J. Walker my hair and I humbly thank you for caring about black hair before it was “cool”!

And lastly, If you have a sweet tooth like me you’ll enjoy our very last black visionary’s addition to the world. Alfred L. Cralle is the inventor of the ice cream scooper. Next time you have triple stacked cone make sure you think of Alfred L. Cralle before you dig into that delicious treat! So take that everyone who thinks black people haven’t helped build this county *cough cough Trump* Happy Black History Month!

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