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We’ve Ranked “Fin”, “Process,” and “I Decided


We’ve Ranked “Fin”, “Process,” and “I Decided

This past weekend was another wave of new music for all the insatiable music lovers across the world. We had not one, not two, but THREE releases from artists Big Sean, Syd, and Sampha.

With so much music and so little time we took it upon ourselves to do all the listening for you, and rank these three albums from regular great to ‘listen-to-this-immediately’ great. (They’re all worth the listen but you get it) So coming in at number three is….

#3 ‘I Decided’

Big Sean brings us his fourth studio album, featuring all those booming beats and gripping lyrics we have come to know and love him for. He presents a more vulnerable side with songs like “Bigger Than Me” and “Voices In My Head” while also giving us something to nod our heads to with “Bounce Back.” And of course boo thang Jhene Aiko makes an appearance on “Same Time, Pt.1” which makes us nostalgic for TWENTY88 vibes.


#2 Process 

Many have fallen in love with Sampha, for his effortless ability to pave a new way for the sound of alternative R&B. If you don’t get lost in his cerebral words, then you’re completely caught up in the thick texture of his voice. Single “(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano” became a fan favorite, however songs like “Kora Sings”, “Timmy’s Prayer” and “Incomplete Kisses” also caught our eye… oh wait, our ear.


#1 Fin

The number one spot goes to none other than Syd Tha Kyd’s “Fin”. Known as a member of The Internet, Syd has taken her place upfront with this new album that channels 90s R&B sounds, while also incorporating the newer sound of Trap Soul. In “Know” the singer powerfully recreates a vibe similar to that of Aaliyah, but also gives something to the neo-soul lovers with “Insecurities” and “Smile More”.

All three albums will be in heavy rotation, did our ranking match yours?

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