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Here’s the Workout Olivia Pope Would Do


Here’s the Workout Olivia Pope Would Do

Here’s the Workout Olivia Pope Would Do

She’s our favorite Washington superwoman who has the capability to command any room she walks through. So what’s the secret to her naturally flawless look? We’ve been looking for ways to handle our workouts like our favorite fixer Olivia Pope. So Grab your Forme jacket, iPhone headphones and  your  pre-workout green smoothie. Here’s the Workout that Olivia Pope would do:

We think a powerful woman like Olivia would go for some serious upper body workouts such as:



Lat pulldowns

Any Scandal fan will also know that Olivia loves to go for a swim to relieve the stress of her world pre and post Fitz… and Jake… and that one random guy. If you don’t have a luxurious swimming pool at your disposal, try doing controlled dumbbell swimmers! She is also one for jogging, so give that try or add some jump roping to your routine! Lastly don’t forget about Pilates! While Olivia may not be a big fan, Kerry Washington is!

So now that we’ve given you a few tips, try your hand at this custom WOPWD (What Olivia Pope Would Do) Workout!

Circuit #1

Double leg extensions x15

Plank x30 seconds

Jump Rope x 30 seconds

Circuit #2

Leg springs x15

Supermans x15

Jump Rope x 30 seconds

Circuit #3

Pilates roll back x15

Jump Rope x 30 seconds


Circuit #4

Heel raises x15 each side

dumbell Swimmers x 15

Jump rope x 30 seconds


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