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What Beyoncé is Teaching Women About Work and Family


What Beyoncé is Teaching Women About Work and Family

What Beyoncé is Teaching Women About Work and Family

World Stop…. if you were not under a rock last night, your phone was bombarded with the greatest news that could commence Black History Month. Beyoncé, yes Queen Bey herself, announced via Instagram that her and husband Jay-Z are expecting! But not just one baby…. they’re expecting two!

Of course social media was in shambles as the Bey Hive hurried to assemble, sending all our love and positivity to the expectant mother. However, in the midst of all that madness I couldn’t help but think of the message lying deep behind Beyoncé’s world stopping pregnancy announcement. That message was…. women can really do it all.

As a young creative, I often find myself wondering can I really accomplish the career of my dreams, find love, and eventually have a family? These thoughts may come a bit premature, but sometimes I look forward to the future and feel anxiety wrapping its hand around my throat just at the thought. I’m having a hard enough time balancing dating, school, work, and everything else…. exactly how the hell can I make it all work as a wife, mother, and businesswoman?

Newsflash it’s all possible. Beyoncé, like countless other women across the world, has found a way to balance her priorities and still stay true to her passion. Is it easy? No. Does it take a whole hell of a lot of discipline? Yes. Are there times when the order between things in her life becomes unbalanced? Yes. But what matters is that she said to herself, “I don’t want to chose.” We as working women, aspiring to fulfill our dreams, can have love in our life and an abundance of it.

Now of course I’m not suggesting we all rush to find Mr. Right/Mrs. Right and pop out twins, but I am saying we should be hopeful. There is a man or woman out there that can match your intellect, your professional drive, your work ethic. There is that perfect job out there waiting for you, the one you’ve been dreaming about everyday. There is a loving family in your future, even if that family is a strong set of friends. It all awaits you.

We should find power in knowing that we are only limited if we choose to be, just as we are limitless if we choose to be. Like Queen Bey you can have it all, but work like hell to make that dream come true and you will have everything you said you would.

Congrats Beyoncé and Jay-Z! Thank you for once again slaying my life and showing me that YES I CAN!

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