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Top Songs on Kehlani’s SweetSexySavage


Top Songs on Kehlani’s SweetSexySavage

Top Songs on Kehlani’s SweetSexySavage

Our favorite 5 songs from Kehlani’s new album!

The sweet voice, kicking harsh lyrics into your ear. The pretty face with a body of tattooed art that always catches your eye. The soft heart hiding behind the rough exterior that is Kehlani.

For all Kehlani stans in the world, your world was made just a little bit better this past weekend with the release of SweetSexySavage. Serving as the artist’s debut album, the record included that famous trap-soul vibe we’ve come to know and love with a few surprises that made us pause and say…… OKAY KEHLANI!

Following the heat of her grammy nominated mixtape You Should Be Here (2015) the singer is ready to claim 2017 for the taking. If you have yet to get hip to SweetSexySavage, don’t worry. Just make sure you listen to our favorite tracks at least! Peep the bolded titles from the tracklist!

1. “Intro” 
2. “Keep On” 
3. “Distraction” 
4. “Piece of Mind” 
5. “Undercover” 
6. “CRZY” 
7. “Personal” 
8. “Not Used to It” 
9. “Everything Is Yours” 
10. “Advice” 
11. “Do U Dirty” 
12. “Escape” 
13. “Too Much” 
14. “Get Like” 
15. “In My Feelings” 
16. “Hold Me by the Heart” 
17. “Thank You” 
Bonus: “Wanna Be” 
Bonus: “Gangsta



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