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Get to know the London-based Zimbabwean singer known as Rationale


It’s strange, you run into those people and wonder “where have you been all this time and why am I just now meeting you?” Well, that was the case when I was blessed with the sound of London-based Zimbabwean singer Tinashe Fazakerley, also known as Tinashe, but professionally and wonderfully known as Rationale.


Rationale has been in the game for a while, and it is best said that this sound has been perfected over the years, a  resplendent balance of odd and beautiful at the same time. Pharrell has even given due praise to this singer’s ability to recapture and present a voice that has found its beauty. Rationale enthralls your ears with his words aligned with the synths that scream disco, yet move you like hip-hop. Being put in the genre of synthpop and indie R&B, Rationales desires to create an original sound but to also create a sound that stems from home.

His influences Jimi Hendrix, Prince, and Tupac seem to be reflected in his work. His single Fuel To The Fire example his combination of the notable styles that have influenced him. Rationale has also received praise from Elton John, and from his singles Prodigal Son and Vessels, we can hear the echoing of bold singing that Sir John had presented to the world himself.


Rationale is no stranger to the game, so he has had some time to put out many projects that have placed his name amongst the ears of many music lovers. He dropped his first album Saved under his other moniker Tinashe, though received limited success. His many singles as Rationale have definitely created buzz, as well as his most recent and very intriguing singles  in late 2016. The beginning of the new year he dropped a single entitled Reciprocate hinting to fans that an album must be underway. So, my friends, definitely be on the lookout for this one!


Instagram: @iamrationale

Facebook: iamrationale

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