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Meet K.T. Harbert, a 23 year-old Releasing Her Own Book of Poetry

Unplugged Spotlight

Meet K.T. Harbert, a 23 year-old Releasing Her Own Book of Poetry

Get to know a black creative ready to shake up the poetry scene

As a young creative, it’s very easy to talk yourself out of your own dreams. The fear of following your art can be scary, and we often find ourselves questioning just why we have our talents in the first place. Well just like you and me, poet and writer Kimminickque T. Harbert faced that challenge and rose undefeated. The 23-year old is now releasing her very own self-published spoken word/poetry book entitled 4.21.15 Vulnerability Rd.

The young artist known as K.T. has somehow managed to juggle earning a BS in Biochemistry from Spelman College and a MS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Georgetown University, with her love of poetry. She is also one of our staff writers! (talk about a hard working woman)

Upon the release of her new book, she shared a part of her process with SheUnplugged and offered wise words of motivation to creatives across the world.

What aspects of life inspire you to write?

Honestly, all of them. I’ve written an array of spoken words or poems from inspirational to abuse to social injustices…you name it. I use every experience, emotion, or encounter whether its mines or someone else’s to feed my poetry.

What was the hardest part about putting “4.21.15 Vulnerability Rd.” together?

The hardest part had to be creating the book from scratch using Adobe InDesign. I would spend days just working on the layout requirements before even getting to the materials and emotions.

Do you have a favorite poem that you’ve written on “4.21.15 Vulnerability Rd.”?

I think I have three favorites. I’d Paint the Sky a Lyrical Color is the first one because I wrote it to transform people and when I perform it I can tell that it really does its job. The second and third would be Spirit Wisdom and Conversation with my Father because they were moments that I went through that would ultimately redefine my poetic growth. These three were some of my best spoken words to date.

What made you want to release this collection right now?

I originally wanted to wait until 4.21.17 so that the collection would meet I guess an anniversary of 2 years, but I just really felt this tug on my heart that someone somewhere needed this now.

Is there a message you want people to walk away with after reading your work?

The message I want people to take from my work, well from this collection specifically, is that there is strength in vulnerability. Being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak. In many instances it actually makes you stronger.

What words of inspiration do you have for other aspiring poets of color?

Know that the point of poetry is not to always rhyme. In my opinion, the point of poetry is take people on a journey that they will never forget. If the poetry doesn’t move people…in the inside, if it doesn’t relate, relay truth in a message, or cause them to think…then go back to the drawing board. That way you can produce poetry that even if you’re not performing it, will speak for itself.

4.21.15 Vulnerability Rd will be available soon on Amazon, Amazon’s CreateSpace, and Amazon’s Kindle.

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