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Our Favorite #WomensMarch Signs


Our Favorite #WomensMarch Signs

This weekend was a big moment for women everywhere. Get inspired by these kick ass signs!

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This past Saturday, The Women’s March in D.C. created the much needed space for feminists to gather in protest of our 45th president Donald Trump. Organized by several independent coordinators and national co-chairs Tamika D. Mallory, Carmen Perez, Linda Sarsour, and Bob Bland, The Women’s March set out to fight for the civil rights of women in our country and beyond.

Not only did women, men, and children gather in solidarity in D.C., but there were over 600 hundred marches held this past weekend across the world. Clearly when we women have something to say, we make sure we’re heard! In addition to a packed crowd that put Trump’s inauguration audience to shame, there were some amazing signs that we just have to recognize (can we get these on some t-shirts please?)

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