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My Skin Bleaching Story


My Skin Bleaching Story

My Skin Bleaching Story

We all have insecurities, Belle Michelle shares how she went to drastic measures to deal with hers.

We all have insecurities. We all have things about ourselves we wish we could change, whether it be our weight, our height, our body shape, and for some… even our skin color. In this candid video shared by vlogger Belle Michelle, she tells the story of her struggle with accepting the shade of her skin. As many of us do when faced with an insecurity, she tries something drastic to change it which taught her a huge lesson in self love.

While she was timid at first to tell this story, she commented that sharing was more important than holding onto old doubts and a lack of confidence:

“I hope and pray this helps someone in seeing that we are all beautiful and Allah created us in the most perfect form. There will always be days when you wake up and not like something about yourself but the important thing is to always love yourself inside and out and strive to be the best version of you”

Watch her video and learn how this moment in her life changed her for the better!


Belle Michelle is  twenty something year old medical science student who loves travelling, good food and shopping. On her channel you can expect fashion and styling videos, hauls, travelling vlogs, hair tutorials, and random talking vlogs where she discusses issues that are close to the heart. 

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Instagram: @belleimichelle
Twitter: @BelleIMichelle


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