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Online Shopping Tips for the Girl on a Budget


Online Shopping Tips for the Girl on a Budget

Girl, you know you ain’t got no money. Here’s how to stick to your budget while you online shop!

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Online shopping is a go to resource for many of us to get our favorite looks, without ever leaving the couch. As much as we love traveling the mall floors for hours on end, sometimes just clicking “purchase” can feel so satisfying. While online shopping can be addicting, it can also get pricey if you aren’t careful. One minute you’re just buying one item and the next, your cart is suddenly over $200. So here’s how you can stick to your budget while shopping on the web!

Think Ahead About What You Need

In order to maintain your budget, but still get what you want, think about what you actually need before shopping online. If you know about a special dinner or a birthday coming up and have nothing to wear, focus on shopping for a specific outfit. It is VERY easy to get distracted by something cute that catches your eye, but think to yourself…. is it worth it? Ask when you’ll wear it, where you’ll wear it, and how often you can wear it. This will help you avoid buying things that will end up sitting in your closet for 3 years, with the tag still on it. We’ve all been there before!

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