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Realistic Winter Makeup Trends For WOC


Realistic Winter Makeup Trends For WOC

Realistic Winter Makeup Trends For WOC

December 14th marked the first official day of winter. You know what that means! Time to amp up your winter makeup!

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Maybe you’re sort of like me and fed up with searching countless hours for makeup tips and trends for the winter, only to find that most of them aren’t woman of color friendly…just like most makeup brands, hair products, and virtually everything else for that matter.You want something a bit more practical. You’re an everyday girl on the go and you prefer not to look “fresh off the runway ready” every time you run to Walmart. At the same time, you would love to feel like a glamor queen at the next winter party.

Let’s be honest, sometimes the makeup advice we’re given by top beauty gurus just isn’t realistic for your everyday woman. For this reason, I have compiled a list of makeup trends to help every brown girl’s winter makeup woes feel a little less heavy.

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