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Keep Up With Winter Workouts Using These 12 Tricks!


Keep Up With Winter Workouts Using These 12 Tricks!

Working out during the winter can be a pain, when all you want to do is lay in bed and watch Netflix. Once winter hits it’s challenging to maintain your fitness goals, plus no one gets to see the fruits of your labor so what’s the point? Well there is a point. Just because it’s not maxi dress season doesn’t mean you can’t rock your sweater dress and thigh high boots with equal amounts of slayage.

Skipping your workouts during winter not only ruins all of your previous progress (deconditioning) but it’s also not good for your health. Think about it: It’s colder and you’re less likely to be getting sun,  resulting in a decrease in your Vitamin D levels. This messes with your mood, and consequently creates a pattern of laziness and possible unhappiness. As we all should know, exercise will help you boost your mood levels, so it’s best to stay active by following these tips!

1. Get a Workout Buddy

Working out with a friend is way more fun. If you actually have to meet up with someone you’re also less likely to flake.

2. Try short workouts

Since it’s hard to stay motivated for an hour workout try short 10-15 minute workouts throughout the day.

3. Do things that are fun

There are tons of cool workout formats out there. Don’t forget to do a little bit of what is fun as well as your fundamentals, such as Zumba or Shaun T.’s CIZE Dance Series



4. Try a new workout format or follow a trainer on social media!

So many trainers nowadays offer free, new workouts available just by following them on instagram! Try to research some accounts that you can see daily for motivation.

5. Get cute outfits

Fabletics offers some cute clothing and is decently priced. Membership includes a new workout outfit every month for about 50-60 dollars.

6. Get a DayLight lamp

Getting up in the morning is hard when it’s so dark outside. Try one of these lampswhich simulates natural daylight!

 7. Sign up for an event

This will give you something to train for and keep you motivated! Try signing up for a local race or walk-a-thon!

 8. Change your mindset

Working out shoulnd’t be a chore anyway! If you begin to look at exercise differently it will become part of your preventive routine,

 9. Hire a personal Trainer

Bet you won’t skip that workout if you have an appointment to keep. Plus you may be bored with your current routine.

ve Prezant/Blend Images/Corbis

 10. Set small goals to help you achieve your big goal

Saying I want to lose weight is so broad and may not help you get there. Setting goals like “I will workout 5 days a week” or do spin three times a a week to lose 5 lbs this month is better.

 11. Make sure your home is warm in the morning

 Getting out of bed will be way easier if your house/apt isn’t cold when you get up.

12. Create a new workout playlist

It’s been proven that good music can transform even the most mundane workout. Try searching Apple Music or Spotify for playlists that can give you energy!


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