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Meet Duo memberzxnly


Meet Duo memberzxnly

We may have just found the newest addition to your music playlist. Be on the lookout for memberzxnly!

One’s got the voice, the other’s got the beats, put them together and you’re in for a trapsoul masterpiece…. with a twist. Duo memberzxnly, comprised of Will Shelton and Justin McElderry, is itching to make their impact on the budding genre that is R&B infused Hip-Hop. After getting heat for past underground releases, including a recent single Said + Done, they are finally ready to release their debut EP “A Room For You” on December 13th. See how these two create and what to expect on their new project.

How did the duo memberzxnly begin?

We’ve known each other very well since 2013, and we started collaborating in November 2014–releasing a project as two separate entities (producer and artist). We were still in college at the time, but the buzz was pretty big around campus for those 3-5 tracks. Immediately after, we explored different sounds independently for about a year–perfecting our crafts respectively  and gaining life experiences. During the summer of 2016, we shared countless conversations on the sound each of us wanted to create, and the brand we wanted to represent. While talking it through, we realized our visions were so well aligned that it would be foolish not to work together again. At that point, we started building and refining a sound, and as soon as we found it, we decided we wanted to make it more than just an experiment.



What is your process like when you’re creating a new song?

Most times, it doesn’t take very long for us to create the basic shell of the song (rhythm & melody). Our first goal is just to capture the vibe we want then listen to experience. You hear great tracks all the time but you experience the music that moves you. After establishing a skeleton, we sit and talk about life experiences to reconcile thoughts, emotions, and/or feelings for focus. All of this happens before worrying about which punch line, extended metaphor, or simile would hit the hardest on the song. Finally, we’ll revisit the beat–focusing on arrangement, lyrics, and environment–for however long it takes until it’s right.


What three words come to mind when you listen to your own music? 

Pensive, Candid, Relatable


“Said + Done” is the first single from your Dec 13th release, what influenced you to make this song?

The temporary nature of love and attraction in this generation. often times despite knowing the truth, it’ll soothe the saddened soul to hear a lie. Our experiences in unrequited love influenced the single.


Should we expect more love themed songs from your full project?

Yeah, the theme of love will be ever present; however, it isn’t the only life experience we have and consequently our music will reflect that diversity. Just like anyone else, there’s lust, jealousy, self-consciousness, content, contempt, etc. Not to say that all of these topics will be covered in this one project, but we definitely make it a point to share more than just one concept.




What’s next for memberzxnly? 

Of course, there’s more music we want to release, but we’re equally excited about exploring different mediums, outlets, and platforms of creativity. Music will continue to be our center of mass and gravity, however, there are so many tangential, creative experiments to run–I can guarantee you we won’t stay still for long.

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Instagram: @memberzxnly

Twitter: @memberzxnly

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