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Are Your Instagram Likes Effecting Your Self Esteem?


Are Your Instagram Likes Effecting Your Self Esteem?

Flex for the gram, don’t let it flex you!

Sounds silly doesn’t it? But then again…. not really. The idea that the amount of likes you receive on a picture can dictate how you view yourself. I mean you had on your best outfit, the lighting was just right, your pose was on fleek but your likes were still weak.


As you revel over your numbers, you may be thinking to yourself :

“Am I pretty enough? Am I good enough? What’s wrong with THIS picture?”

Or you may not give a damn, and can stop reading this post right now. But if you do find yourself having that superficial internal battle, you are not alone. 

We live in a world where likes often equal personal worth or value. We obsess over influencers who get 10,000 likes per selfie, and place them on a pedestal of great human achievement. Suddenly we have this need to break the gram with each and every photo, hoping to make our followers stop scrolling and double tap.

Social media can be a great tool for networking, self branding, and even professional opportunities. And yes, sometimes having that following can open a lot of doors for you. However, it is not something you should find yourself obsessing over. Whether your photo gets 500 likes, or 50, or even 5, remember that public attention shouldn’t rule the image you have of yourself. Like yourself before they like you.

Here are some tips to keep your social media obsession to a minimum:

Turn Off Notifications

This is a trick I recently tried and I don’t think I’ll ever go back. I don’t need to see a banner notification on my phone every time someone likes my photos. (Honestly it’s cluttering anyways) With your notifications off you won’t immediately know what response your social media presence gets, which can be quite relieving.

Don’t Click the Photo

You know right after you upload to Instagram, and you keep refreshing the picture to see how many likes you get? Yeah, stop that. Just post it and go. Maybe check your stats hours after you initially uploaded or maybe even not at all.

Don’t Question It

If you don’t have the number of followers or likes you want, don’t question it. No, there’s nothing wrong with you. No, it has nothing to do with your appearance. With time you will build your network, but always remember that your page should reflect who you are. Even if your IG is more for business, keep showing off your brand inspite of who’s watching.

Shake It Off


Last but not least….. just shake it off! You’re still an amazing person at the end of the day. Keep on shining and remember…. Flex for the gram, don’t let it flex you!


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