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Black Women in the Fitness Industry


Black Women in the Fitness Industry

Yes, racism exists in the fitness industry too.

Believe it or not, Racism exists even in the fitness industry. Seriously, where are all the black/brown girls at? We know they’re out there, but instead we are constantly bombarded with all these blonde big breasted skinny white women. The lack of information highlighting black athlete and fitness experts is disheartening to say the least. Underrepresentation is an understatement. Despite our features and culture being so heavily desired by others, women of color make up the minority of what’s “popular” in the media.

I mean just search hashtags like #fitness and see how long it takes you to scroll across a woman of color….


Black women don’t get nearly as many endorsements due to our supposed “unmarketable” image. For example how much shade was Serena Williams thrown after landing her recent covers? She was being called a grip of names and being described as ugly and manly. But why? “The world” would much rather look at a skinny blond like Sharapova than Serena. Not my world! Despite being a better athlete, Maria gets all the attention.

As you can see, The Fitness industry has a serious diversity problem. The industry tells us that our build, gender, and color do not matter. Numerous women of color have experienced career setbacks and roadblocks due to their body type and race. Yet, our features are only acceptable on the likes of Kylie Jenner or Kim Kardashian.

As much as we are moving away from idolizing skinny. It’s still predominantly displayed  in magazines. Pick up Self, Health, and Fitness. They don’t represent us and if they do the girls in there are crazy skinny. They don’t look like your mom, aunt, or you. Just doing a simple google search, you can clearly see what the preference is:


But we can’t let this truth defeat us. Instead, let’s celebrate Black Women in the Fitness Industry. Show some of these ladies some love the next time you are looking for some good old fitspo:

Massy Arias

Jeannette Jenkins


Donna Richardson

It cost nothing to workout but it cost you everything if you don't! #lovedonna #dancegroovemovelose #oldschooldancepartyworkout

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Tiana Joelle

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