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Polly A

Milwaukee bred singer-songwriter Polly A has something to say, and we’re all ears!

#WHO: I can say that she is the soundtrack to life itself, and a force to be reckoned with! Coming from Milwaukee, Wisconsin is singer-songwriter Meleni Smith…but we are going to call her Miss Polly A.

#WHY: Polly A has been on the music scene since 2005 with Columbia Records. Along with being a singer-songwriter, she is also a composer who assisted with song Happy from the soundtrack for movie Hitch . She is also credited with the composition for Alicia Key’s Love Is My Disease. As you can see, she has quite the reputation for helping others out, so what about her own work? That’s what we’re here to talk about right?

Polly A’s music is a beautifully tragic tale told from a carefree black girl. It is like an instrumental, playing in the background as you run through the city for no reason. When making music she hopes to create pieces that “sound like freedom”, as she records a lot of her music in her apartment living room.

“When I sing, I approach the vocals like a soul singer. When I write, I approach the lyrics like a rapper. When I’m thinking about music, I collaborate with others who draw from a large sonic palette. I spend a lot of time with my songs, and I really live with them. These are my words and thoughts.”

#WHAT’SNEW: Polly A’s recent EP Ghetto Gold Dreams has garnered much attention with songs such as Like We Used To and the Brooklyn Sun catching fire.  However this isn’t the only collection of hers out there! The singer also has a recent “volume” of songs Distorted FairyTales Vol.1 and her 2012 album My Heart In Focus. Be sure to look her up and see for yourself all she has to offer. She soon will be changing the game in major ways.

Twitter: @akapollya

Instagram: @akapollya

Facebook: Polly A

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