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‘Unmask Your Natural Beauty’ with HolistiCitiLyfe!


‘Unmask Your Natural Beauty’ with HolistiCitiLyfe!

We attended ‘Unmask Your Natural Beauty’ this past weekend and had a blast!

On October 30, 2016 HolistiCitiLyfe, hosted ‘Unmask Your Natural Beauty’ in Brooklyn, New York. Held at House of Juice, the event brought together a plethora of black owned businesses focusing on natural living, mental, spiritual, and physical health. I had the pleasure of being in the mix, and it was definitely something worth attending!


Vendors in attendance offered services such as hand made jewelry, natural body care, organic candles and even tarot card reading. Coordinator Leslie Carrington, commented that the event

“Promotes organic, natural skin care to people who are on the fence about it. As you know our skin is our largest organ on our body and whatever you apply to it is absorbed directly into our blood stream, so for best health and longevity it’s best to use organic natural products. So coming to an event like this that message is slid under the rug for us all to understand.”

This point was really proven by two of the vendors, Kent Ave. Bodycare, and Butter by Keba. Both create skin and hair products using natural oils and fragrances for black women. The owner of Kent Ave. Bodycare, Whitney D. Collins, also mentioned that if there is a special skin care issue that a customer has such as eczema, she will do research to find out what oils and substances alleviate it. Talk about a product made JUST for you!

The two vendors receiving the most buzz were Love Notes LLC and Tatianna Tarot. Love Notes LLC sells scented soy candles with organic wicks as well. Each candle has a different number, relating to the owner’s own love letters that she received in an earlier relationship. The candles are also vegan friendly, made with 100% soy wax, cotton lead free wicks, all the fragrance oils do not contain animal by-products and are hand poured.


Putting a little twist in the evening was Tatianna Tarot, a tarot card reader based in Brooklyn, New York. After my own reading, she spoke highly of  the event and the women she met through the day,

“This event is very imperative for mental health, spiritual health and emotional wellness. I really feel a strong sisterhood that I haven’t felt in a while, particularly amongst women of color. It’s very important that people get the message, they network, and meet other women that hustling out here and getting the luxury that they meet vendors that focus on progressing their wellbeing and health. A lot of the people I’m meeting today are powerful women that are on their grind and it’s empowering to me. It’s exciting!”

The event was also open to children, most of whom were in awe taking in the black girl magic around them. One mother, Tyeisha Delk spoke on how she thinks the event will benefit her daughter in the long run.


“It’s amazing that she’s able to see black women doing things and having products, she doesn’t know about being natural now but while she grows up she’ll be able to utilize them and continue to promote black business and carry it on.” Events like this are so important for all age groups especially kids to see that it is possible to do anything they put their minds to and want to carry out.”

‘Unmask Your Natural Beauty’ certainly left it’s mark on the attendees and businesses involved. It was amazing being in the presence of such powerful women of color, all focused on bettering each other. Positive spaces like these don’t always come frequently, and it’s important that we create them for ourselves. HolistiCitiLyfe not only gave us an opportunity to learn to love ourselves, but also to love our sisters just as much.

Check out the list of vendors and follow HolistiCitiLyfe to stay updated on their next event!

@lovenotesllc (soy candles)

@tatiannatarot (tarot reader)

Butter By Keba (skin care)

Kent Ave Bodycare (skin care)

@jamandrico (jewelry)

Lorraine West Jewlery (jewelry)

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