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Halloween Makeup For Black Girls


Halloween Makeup For Black Girls

Tired of make up tutorials that don’t fit your skin? These 10 tutorials will save your Halloween costume!

Halloween gives you one time each year to pretend to be somebody else. You can be Tinkerbell, a part of “The Cheetah Girls”, or even the wall from “Stranger Things”; it is all up to you and your imagination!

An important part of any Halloween costume is the makeup, however many makeup tutorials are catered for women with paler skin. So what’s a woman of color to do? You don’t want to keep explaining to people that you aren’t a ghost for Halloween…. how awkward.

So before your costume puts the “trick” in Trick or Treat, try these Halloween make up tutorials for girls that look like you!

Tinkerbell Makeup Tutorial


Pop-Art Makeup Tutorial


Sexy Cat Makeup Tutorial


Scary Skull Makeup Tutorial


Snapchat Filter Tutorial


Classic Vampire Makeup Tutorial


Black Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial


Candy Corn Tutorial


Easy Bambi Tutorial


Queen Makeup Tutorial

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