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These Two Women Turned “Melanin” Into a Cosmetic Brand

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These Two Women Turned “Melanin” Into a Cosmetic Brand

Meet Cece Parker and Tianna Jenkins, two women who are certainly serving ‘Melanin’

In this day and age, everyone is obsessed with one word… melanin. It’s in everyone’s Instagram captions, it’s a popular hashtag, it’s on hats, and even on t-shirts. No longer are we ashamed of the hues of our skin, now we seek the sunlight and capture it in a selfie. Black women all over the world have flooded social media timelines with their dark skin, basking in “untraditional” melanin-filled, beauty standards. Finally a trend comes along that praises us!

But the word “melanin” has continued to grow in meaning, especially for entrepreneurs Cece Parker and Tianna Jenkins. These two women have come together to turn a trend, into a line of cosmetics for women of color. “Melanin” their vegan and cruelty free line of lipsticks is set to launch in November.


The term “Melanin” has become very popular. What does that word mean to you?

For us the term “Melanin” means empowerment of blacks and confidence in your skin, culture, and yourself. Melanin is beyond the pigment in your skin. Melanin means to be unapologetically black and proud.

Why did you decide to cater your cosmetics to women of color?

We feel the black community needs to stick together even within cosmetics. Black owned makeup companies are growing more and more which is amazing because we need to support and uplift each other. Instead of seeking other companies, it’s good to support companies who understand our culture.

Your product is vegan and cruelty free. How important is it for us to choose healthier cosmetics?

We want to make sure our products are going to be healthy and suitable for our customer’s lips and skin. Toxic and unhealthy products are not the way for our company and we also do not support animal cruelty and animal testing. Animals lives matter just as much as human lives.

As a entrepreneur of color, what’s been the most challenging part for you and your partner?

We have been weighing our options with who we decide to work with. We wanted to make sure we found a good manufacturer who stood for the same things we believed in. For our photographer we wanted someone that was experienced, showed great professionalism, understood our vision and could help up to bring our vision to life and we found that over at Alexander Lejo Media.

Where do you envision “Melanin” will be in the next 5 years?

Hopefully we’ll have our line expanded to beyond just lipstick. Our plan is to have a more extensive line of product. We are planning to travel to promote our brand and have pop up shops. We also want to collaborate with more models and celebrities for our brand. We hope to have a lot more supporters and keep catering to our black queens and continue to send a positive message

 Stay updated with “Melanin” on social media and look our for their launch!



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