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Women Shouldn’t be Afraid to Weight Lift


Women Shouldn’t be Afraid to Weight Lift

The next time you go to the gym, DO NOT avoid the weights!

Weight lifting is something that can be very scary for women. I mean think about it, most weight rooms are packed with men, full of confusing equipment and most people in there aren’t working out correctly. It can feel pointless to enter a situation that’s too awkward or nerve wrecking. Gym life can be tough to tackle, so many of us women have just spared ourselves the embarrassment.

Little do women know, hittin those weights could be the KEY to your body goals.  (Think #TeyanaTaylor). Here are the four very important reasons why women shouldn’t be afraid to lift weights!

Weights make you stronger

It’s 2016 – many women are extremely independent. If you lift weights you open up the possibility of being healthier due to stronger bone density, muscle mass, avoiding certain disease and being able to complete everyday tasks better.

No more having to wait for someone to assist you lifting heavy things, carrying those bags of groceries, picking up your suitcase, etc. You get my point.

They help you burn fat

There are a lot of misconceptions out there and one of them is that weight lifting only makes you bulk up. That can’t be further from the truth.

Fat takes up more space in your body. So when you build lean muscle mass by lifting weights, you are replacing the fat in your body with muscle. You’re leaner (aka smaller, thinner, skinnier) but your weight may go up due to the gain in muscle. Don’t’ worry, unless you’re injecting yourself with some human growth hormone you won’t start looking like a man.

It Will give you the curves that you desire

Doing those body weight squats alone won’t give you the rounded booty that you want. You know what will? WEIGHTED squats, deadlifts, hip raises and lunges.

With the right dedication and PATIENCE you can build any muscle in your body, without having to resort to injections. Plus having a strong posterior chain is actually pretty handy in the long run.

It Will help you in the Long term

As I’ve mentioned previously, your gym goals shouldn’t just be about looks. You want to be healthy as you  age. No one wants to hit a certain age and not be able to get up from the table or toilet.

So for all you girls who are STILL doing cardio only… Please hit the weight room, you won’t be disappointed in the results!

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