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Sit back, relax, and get ready for LEISURE to sooth you.

#WHO: If you’re into geography and stuff, then you are probably familiar with all that comes out of New Zealand. Rugby, other New Zealand stuff, Lorde, and now we probably have the next biggest thing coming straight outta Auckland! They are a band of friends and musicians called LEISURE, and best believe, their title is about as fitting as the “Matter” in “Black Lives”.

#WHY: There’s plenty of music you could probably wind down to, but not so much as LEISURE’s music. They present the  boldest effort in providing a comfortable listening experience I’ve experienced in a while. The poetry of their lyrics respects the rhythm and tone of their seemingly ominous, industrial, jazzy instrumentals that take over every inch of your nerves. Their style is unique in its own respect yet neo-electronic, with a hint of alternative electro rock….you see how I just knitted a bunch of genres together?

You decide. LEISURE’s music provides consistency in the tone they are attempting to display and never seems to disappoint when it comes to providing the euphoric state of trance. Best believe their music is what the music gods were talking about when they invented the term “vibe”. Songs like All Over You and Nobody feat. Goldlink, provide the variety of relaxation and soul within their music. A crisscross of hip, funky, wavy, soulful, and pleasurable, LEISURE is the band you need when you NEED, some of that downtime…you dig?

#WHAT’SNEW: Recently signed to Saiko Management (the team that put Lorde on the international stream), LEISURE has been consistently dropping singles after singles especially with their most recent single Moonbeam, which was released on September 6th. They are still adding the finishing touches on their debut album which is set to soon come out, in the meantime, their many singles (which even include features from Goldlink), can be found on their Soundcloud or on Youtube. While you have the time, since you’re just chilling out….find some time to listen to them at your LEISURE.

Twitter: @LE_ISURE


Facebook: LEISURE

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